The Craft

In 2007, the company created its own brand of Zirwe trousers, a project inspired by the exploration of the world. Leaving, Travelling, Discovering is the claim that guides new and ambitious projects. Zirwe is pure Made in Türkiye , a collection of trousers based on the charme of exploring the world and the cultures. Style is internally cared. It arises from creativity sparks that aim at giving recognition to the fits, thanks to the employment of excellence fabrics.  

There are 7 main processes in the production of trousers.

Model Selection: According to age, fashion, climate, environment, purchasing power, etc. the desired model is selected taking into account its characteristics.

-Fabric Selection: Fabric selection is made by conducting fabric research in accordance with the selected model. For example, the sand of a fancy model will be different, the fabric of a sports model will be different.

Mold (boss) Preparation: Mold is obtained by using various mold preparation techniques suitable for our model. Molds for ready-made clothing are prepared according to standard dimensions.

The following stages are necessary in the preparation of the mold;

1- Basic mold preparation

2- Model application

3- Zoom In and Out

4- Preparing the template (Giving the necessary seam allowances)

5- Putting snap marks on the template.


Before starting the production of the selected model, sample planting is carried out for the control of the mold and the model. Errors that are considered necessary on this planting are corrected. After this final stage, the molds are serialized.

Cutting: It is called cutting the parts to be sewn into pieces using various cutting tools with the help of molds or templates. We can collect this cutting process in 3 groups;

1- The fabric is arranged by moving the fixed cutter

2- The cutter regulates the moving of the fixed fabric

3- Modern cutting machines

The cutting process is one of the most important elements of production. The slightest mistake made can lead to irreparable mistakes.

4 – Press cutting method

The press cutting method is used for cuts that are standard in ready-to-wear and do not change.

Sewing Process: Sewing is all the processes aimed at making a semi-finished garment by combining cut fabric and auxiliary materials. Tasks expected from a sewing operation;

A- Combine the cut parts

B- Decorate

C- is to consolidate.

Ironing: The tool used to correct the superficial structure of the fabric, give the desired shape to the fabric or clothing, make it look pleasing to the eye is called ironing, the process performed is called ironing.

4 Types of irons are used in industry. These;

1- Steam irons

2-Cylinder irons

3- Ironing presses

4- Form presses

Preparation For Sale

Packaging: After ironing, the pants that are folded, labeled and packaged are ready for sale.

Production Flow Chart

-Purchase of Fabric

-Drawing a Cake Model



-Sorting of Cakes (Drawing)











– Electric Hand Scissors

– Round Cutting Machine

– Vertical Cutting Machine

– Band Saw

– Fabric Spreading Machine

– Labeling

– Flat Sewing Machine

– Installing a Pocket Sewing Machine

– Arch,Bridge Erecting Machine

– Buttonhole Opening Machine

– Trotting Curling Machine

– Zipper Sewing Machine

– Button Sewing (Attaching) Machine

– Double Needle Chain Sewing Machine

– Overlock Machine

– Belt Ironing and Form Press

– Leg Ironing Press

– Decoupage Machine (multi-purpose)

– Printing-Clapping Machine

– It’s a Flute Maker.